Mar 24

The PS3 laser comes in a few different models, these a discussed below in greater detail

KES400AAA – This laser is the most common and was fitted in most PS3 consoles until the release of the new Slim PS3 Console. It’s often found in consoles that have 4 usb ports, chrome trims but can also be found in other models.

KEM400AAA – This laser is identical to the above laser and they are 100% compatible with each other, it’s unclear why the both lasers exists when they appear to be the same. It’s possible that the laser was made under license by another manufacturer.

KES-410A / KES-410ACA – These models of lasers have a different design from the previous models, the 410 lasers are found in later versions for the PS3 consoles and feature two separate laser lens. They were used for a short while before Sony return back to the 400 series for reasons known only to themselves.

PS3 Slim Laser (Model No. Here) – These lasers feature a twin lens setup as found on the KES410 / KEM410 lasers. These lasers are only used in the new slim PS3 consoles. Due to age of the new lasers its not yet known how reliable they will be.

Top tip!

Try using a PS3 Laser lens cleaning disc before you

dismantle your console and take your laser out.

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