Mar 24

Please use this chart as a guide, it’s not 100% accurate because Sony likes to changes things around and to keep us all on our toes.

It’s always best to open and check inside your PS3 to discover the right laser type. The guide shown here will help you open your console and discover what laser you have fitted inside.

Our recommended laser suppliers provide the best levels of service at low prices, use the links below to purchase the best quality lasers.



KES-450 (ps3 slim)

Hard Drive Capacity Model Number USB Ports Release Date Laser
160GB CECHP01 2 Nov-08 Kem-410ACA
80GB CECHL01 2 Nov-08 Kem-410ACA
80GB CECHK01 2 Sep-08 Kem-410ACA
80GB CECHE01 4 Aug-07 Kem-410ACA
60GB CECHA01 4 Nov-06 Kes/Kem-400A
40GB CECHH01 2 Mar-08 Kem-410ACA
40GB CECHG01 2 Nov-07 Kes/Kem-400A
20GB CECHB01 4 Nov-06 Kes/Kem-400A
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