Mar 24

Just for fun we thought we would write up a few uses for your broken PS3 laser.

1)     Light weight paper weight – Your PS3 laser paper weight will be the envy of your co workers.

2)     Necklace Pendant – Forget the Gold cross, Spinners and all that other Gangsta bling. You want something exclusive like a PS3 laser hanging from your neck.

3)     Key ring Pendant – You have already got every other key ring, so why not.

4)     Mantle piece ornament – This will blow the carriage clock out of the water and be the pride of your mantle

5)    Burning Blu Ray weapon of doom – See our article on making a blu ray laser gun as your laser will probably emit laser light even though it does not read discs. Be careful though as all laser are dangerous even faulty ones.

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