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If you think your laser has failed it going to need replacing, before you start you may want to check our laser diagnostics guide to confirm that the laser is in fact faulty and that the fault does not lie else where.

Top tip!

Try using a PS3 Laser lens cleaning disc before you

dismantle your console and take your laser out.


Items needed for the repair:

Replacement PS3 Laser (click here to confirm which laser you need)

T10 Torx Driver

Philips Screwdriver

Philips #00 Precision screwdriver

Small flat head screwdriver

Longnose pliers (helpful but not essential)

Small pot / jar for screws

Clear working area like a kitchen table


The guide is for informational purposes only, if you injure yourself or anyone else it’s not my fault. Obviously by opening your console the manufactures warranty will be void.

Okay, lets get cracking. Poor metaphor. I mean repairing.

The first thing you need to do is power up the console and check to make sure a disc is not already in the PS3 disc drive. If a disc is in the drive please eject it because this will make the repair easier later on.

You now need to unplug the entire console and take it to the clear area where you can start the repair process. Just so you don’t miss this important part, I’ll right this in red. UNPLUG all the cables from your console.

Okay the first thing to remove is the warranty sticker which is located at the bottom of the console along the curved edge, this sticker simply peels off. Now you need to remove the little rubber foot as this is hiding a T10 torx screw. Undo the screw using the T10 torx screwdriver, on some PS3 consoles the screw may have a pin in the centre of it which may make it difficult to undo using the T10 screwdriver, if this is the case try using a small flat blade screwdriver to get the screw undone.

Now with the console laying flat, and the front towards you. Slide the plastic shield from right to left, it should move about half an inch. Now you can lift the shield up and away from the console.

With the consoles casing exposed you should be able to see some screws holding the top of the console down. Undo and remove the screws using pliers if needed not that the smaller one of the long screws goes into the rear right hand corner as marked on the picture. On the PS3 consoles with memory card slots you will need to remove an extra two small screws.

You can now lift the lid from the rest of the console, be gentle. Apply some pressure to the rear of the console as show in the picture and lift the lid from the rear towards the front of the console. Then you should be able to lift the lid off. Be careful at this point because those console with the memory ports will also have a cable front the port in the lid to the PS3 mainboard. Release the little flap on the cable connector at the mainboard end to free the cable.

The consoles internals are fully exposed and you can see your PS3 disc drive of the right side.

The PS3 disc drive is loose and is not screwed into anything, lift the drive gentle from the front of it and unplug the cable on the front left hand side with the black and grey wires. You can also see a cable that plugs into the drive underneath it, the cable needs to be unplugged. Lift the flap on the cable connector to release the cable at the drive end. Not the mainboard end of the cable.

Your ps3 disc drive is now free from the console and is almost ready to have its laser replaced.

Put the drive top side down (the circuit board facing you). You need to remove five screws to get the metal casing off the disc drive, two are silver screws at the back of the drive unscrew these noting which one had the metal spring type thing. Now remove three black screws at the front of the drive. You can leave the other screws holding the circuit board in place.

Flip the drive right side up and remove the metal casing from the back of the drive towards the front.

A small round white disc may fall out from the centre of the black plastic drive lid, put it aside but make sure it goes back in before you refit the metal lid back on later. The black plastic lid is held in place by five black screws located on near each corner of the drive and one at the rear centre.

Carefully, lift the lid from its right side and place next to the left hand side of the drive. A small cable attached the lid to the circuit board but I recommend that you don’t try to unplug it, It breaks very easily. Leave it plugged in and flip the lid over to the side.

Wow! You can now see your PS3 laser and the other items that allow your PS3 to read discs.

Unplug the data cable that’s plugged into your laser by lifting the little flap on the connector, normally the flap is black or brown. The laser runs back and forth in between to metal bars you need to release the bar on the right side. It’s held in by two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. Using a screwdriver should help to release the clips holding the metal bar in place. Take the laser out by moving it from left to the right and then lifting it out of the laser deck. The metal bar on the right comes out with the laser.

Preparing the new laser for installation.

You need to use two parts from you old laser and fit them onto the new one, the first part is a small metal spring type thing which is located where the laser runs along the left metal bar (the picture will help explain better). Next you need to remove the white plastic laser arm and fit it onto the new laser, it is moulded so you can’t fit it wrong.

The new laser is ready for fitting.

First slide the metal bar through the holes in the side of the new laser, the lower the new laser into the laser carriage, slide the left side of the laser onto the metal bar. Important: make sure the metal spring thing is underneath the metal bar and not above it. Secure the laser in place by aligning the metal bar on the right side of the carriage. Screw in the clips at the top and bottom of the metal bar. Now fit the laser data cable to the laser push the cable into the connector so that it flush, a black line should align with the connector, close the connectors flap to secure the cable.

Put the black plastic lid pack onto the drive, fit the white circle disc into the middle there is a hole where it fit onto place. The disc should have the metal at the top. Secure with five small black screws.

Now fit the drives metal casing back on, put it on from the front of the drive and towards the back. Secure with three black screws along the front underside of the drive and use the silver screws at the back.

Hold the drive near the back of the PS3 console so you can see the underside of the drive, push the drive data cable into the connector and secure using the little connector flap.

Lay the drive flat in the console and plug the cable with black and grey wires back into the front left side of the drive.

Now to refit the lid, firstly plug the memory port cable back if you have this model of console. Align the front of the lid with the front of the console and then lower towards the back. Put the screws back in and secure, do over tighten them other wise you’ll break your case. The smaller screw goes in the back right hand corner. Put the screws back in for the memory port if required.

Place the shield back on the console, if fits a little to the left and then slide it to the right to secure it. Put the T10 torx screw back in at the bottom and plug the rubber foot back in.

Plug the console back in and test with a range of discs.

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