Mar 24

There are a few things you can do to make your PS3 last longer and the PS3 lasers are quite expensive so you should try to do at least some of these things to help your laser last longer.

1) If you’re not playing your PS3, turn it off.  Many people leave the console on whilst doing other things such as having dinner, turning your console off will reduce the stress on the laser and other components which mean your consoles laser will live for longer.

2) Keep your discs clean and free of scratches, using dirty or scratched discs puts a lot of extra stress on your PS3 laser which will cause the laser to fail earlier than normal.

3) Remove discs from the console when not in use, take your disc out of the console when it’s not being used as this helps reduce the chance of disc jams.

4) Don’t use your PS3 to play music CD’s, if you want to play music from your PS3 copy the CD to you PS3 hard drive and play it from the console not the disc.

5) Don’t use your PS3 to play DVD movies, use your DVD player if you have one or buy a cheap DVD player. You can get DVD players for £20 and new PS3 laser will cost you upto £70, playing films reduces the life of your laser by many hours.

6) Try to keep your PS3 away from children under 5 years old without supervision as there is something very appealing about that slot in the front of your PS3 console.

“I wonder what happens if I put these coins in there?”

We have found money (most common), sky cards, lolly pop sticks, spaghetti, photos and all sorts of other random things.

These will jam up your disc drive and can damage your laser too.

7) Quit smoking, I’m not here to preach about the harmful health effects of smoking. But honestly smoking is very bad for your games console, the smoke in the air sticks to everything including your PS3 laser lens.

8) You can help extend the life of your laser by keeping it clean and free of dust, one of the best ways of doing this is by using a PS3 laser lens cleaning disc. The disc is put into your console and played just like any other disc but this is a special disc that also cleans your laser.

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