Mar 24

Many people don’t know that it is possible to clean your PS3 laser without opening the console.

For the older games consoles and other CD/DVD devices you may have seen these cleaning discs with little brushes on them that sweep across the laser lens to clean the laser.

Because the PS3 disc drive is a slot feeder type system like ones used in car stereos you cannot use these traditional CD/DVD lens cleaners because they don’t slide through the slot properly, you might get one of these discs in but you’ll have a very hard time getting the disc back out. Please avoid using these traditional CD / DVD lens cleaners even if they say can be used in PS3 consoles and blu ray players. Don’t take a chance.

PS3 Laser cleaning disc

However I’ve done some research into what options are available to clean your PS3 Laser from outside the console and I have found a disc based cleaning system which is very similar to the older brush type systems but it used something called cyclone clean technology, it appears to create suction right above the laser lens which kind of vacuum cleans your PS3 laser, The PS3 cleaning disc has been specially made by Digital Innovations so it will not jam in your PS3 consoles discs drive like the other cleaning discs.

Use the link to purchase or get more information the about
PS3 Laser Lens Cleaning Disc

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  2. COFFIN-FILLER says:

    I have 1 and it seems to work great!!!

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