Mar 11

Do you want to help you PS4 last longer and stop it from over heating?

All generations of the PlayStation seem have this common overheating issue, it’s an ongoing issue that for some reason Sony just hasn’t managed to get resolved after all this time.

But it’s ok, as there is a range of different cooling fans that help with the air flow and ensure your PS4 stays cool. It’s a well known fact that cooler electronic item last longer and your console is no different.

Smart people know that adding extra cooling will keep their consoles in great condition for many years to come.

A lot of different fans are available for the PlayStation 4 and listed below are two that I would personally recommend which I believe are of a good quality, excellent value and have worked well for my PS4.

External PS4 Cooling fan

PS4 (PlayStation 4) External Cooling Fan 5 Fan Unit with Turbo & Usb Power Cable.

USB powered external cooling fan for the PlayStation 4 console.

This cooling fan simply clips onto the back of the console and is powered via the included usb cable. The fan has a total of 5 fans (two large, three small) that effective cool the console without disruptive fan noise. In hot conditions or confined spaces the turbo mode can be used for additional cooling.

New and boxed with usb power cable.

Cool down your PlayStation 4 hardware and make sure its dustless

Simply necessary gadget for Ps4 enthusiasts

Works smooth and quiet

Five fans and tree different cooling modes

Normal speed for decent gaming, Turbo speed for really heavy games and hardcore gamers, Automatic mode cooler turns on when your PlayStation 4 gets hot and turns down when it gets cool again

Click Here for more information and ordering

Another great fan is the Horizontal Cooling Pad For PlayStation 4 Gaming Console.

P4COOLER PS4 Horizontal Stand External Cooler Cooling Pad Fan Chill Mat with 4 ports USB Hub For PlayStation 4 Gaming Console.

PS4 fan cooling stand base with extra usb ports

This cooling fan sits underneath your console, providing cool air and a very low level of noise it is whisper quite, which is fantastic for any gamer. The size matches up to the size of the console which is fantastic great design.

Specially and exclusively designed for Sony PlayStation4 with patent

Applied to Sony PlayStation 4 seamlessly

To Keep Sony PlayStation4 work in incredibly cool condition

To Expand original Sony PlayStation 4 2 ports-USB up to four ports and connect up to four accessories at the same time

Conveniently powered by the Sony PlayStation 4 USB port with no power adapter needed

Horizon cooler pictured with console on top

Click Here for more information and ordering

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Mar 24

Just for fun we thought we would write up a few uses for your broken PS3 laser.

1)     Light weight paper weight – Your PS3 laser paper weight will be the envy of your co workers.

2)     Necklace Pendant – Forget the Gold cross, Spinners and all that other Gangsta bling. You want something exclusive like a PS3 laser hanging from your neck.

3)     Key ring Pendant – You have already got every other key ring, so why not.

4)     Mantle piece ornament – This will blow the carriage clock out of the water and be the pride of your mantle

5)    Burning Blu Ray weapon of doom – See our article on making a blu ray laser gun as your laser will probably emit laser light even though it does not read discs. Be careful though as all laser are dangerous even faulty ones.

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Mar 24

Please use this chart as a guide, it’s not 100% accurate because Sony likes to changes things around and to keep us all on our toes.

It’s always best to open and check inside your PS3 to discover the right laser type. The guide shown here will help you open your console and discover what laser you have fitted inside.

Our recommended laser suppliers provide the best levels of service at low prices, use the links below to purchase the best quality lasers.



KES-450 (ps3 slim)

Hard Drive Capacity Model Number USB Ports Release Date Laser
160GB CECHP01 2 Nov-08 Kem-410ACA
80GB CECHL01 2 Nov-08 Kem-410ACA
80GB CECHK01 2 Sep-08 Kem-410ACA
80GB CECHE01 4 Aug-07 Kem-410ACA
60GB CECHA01 4 Nov-06 Kes/Kem-400A
40GB CECHH01 2 Mar-08 Kem-410ACA
40GB CECHG01 2 Nov-07 Kes/Kem-400A
20GB CECHB01 4 Nov-06 Kes/Kem-400A
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Mar 24

You can’t phone up Sony and ask them for a laser but you can use the suppliers below for a whole range of PS3 Lasers and other PS3 Parts & Spares.

Each supplier is known for the highest levels of customer service, quality products and speed of delivery.

Recommend UK PS3 Laser Supplier

PS3 Laser & PS3 Repair Parts

Recommend Euro PS3 Laser Supplier

Consolewerks PS3 Laser & PS3 Repair Parts

Recommend U.S PS3 Laser Supplier


Recommend Worldwide PS3 Laser Supplier

PS3 Laser & PS3 Repair Parts

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Mar 24

The PS3 laser comes in a few different models, these a discussed below in greater detail

KES400AAA – This laser is the most common and was fitted in most PS3 consoles until the release of the new Slim PS3 Console. It’s often found in consoles that have 4 usb ports, chrome trims but can also be found in other models.

KEM400AAA – This laser is identical to the above laser and they are 100% compatible with each other, it’s unclear why the both lasers exists when they appear to be the same. It’s possible that the laser was made under license by another manufacturer.

KES-410A / KES-410ACA – These models of lasers have a different design from the previous models, the 410 lasers are found in later versions for the PS3 consoles and feature two separate laser lens. They were used for a short while before Sony return back to the 400 series for reasons known only to themselves.

PS3 Slim Laser (Model No. Here) – These lasers feature a twin lens setup as found on the KES410 / KEM410 lasers. These lasers are only used in the new slim PS3 consoles. Due to age of the new lasers its not yet known how reliable they will be.

Top tip!

Try using a PS3 Laser lens cleaning disc before you

dismantle your console and take your laser out.

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Mar 24

The Playstation 3 games console uses a new kind of laser, it’s called a Blu Ray Laser. The PS3 Blu Ray laser allows for much more data to be stored on a disc the same size as a regular DVD but can the new Blu ray discs hold up to 100 Gb of data compared to the 9Gb of a dual layer DVD disc.

The PS3 Laser contained within the PS3 console supports a range of media including CD, DVD and Blu Ray discs.

Top tip!

Try using a PS3 Laser lens cleaning disc before you

dismantle your console and take your laser out.

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Mar 24

The PS3 laser is an integral part of the Playstation 3 games console, the console was released in Japan on the 11th November 2006 and has now sold millions of units worldwide, these first consoles were released with a KES 400A PS3 Laser.

The console included a new technology, the PS3 Blu Ray Laser. This new Blu Ray laser technology allows for features that surpass the current DVD technology, the main reason for this is because Blu Ray disks can hold much more data than conventional DVD’s and this is because of the shorter wave length of the Blu Ray laser compared with Red type lasers.

Top tip!

Try using a PS3 Laser lens cleaning disc before you

dismantle your console and take your laser out.

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