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If you’re looking to extend the life of your PS3 console and help prevent the yellow light of death, your console will need some extra cooling. By keeping your console cool you’ll be putting less stress on the components and this makes them last much longer than normal.

But doesn’t the PS3 already have a cooling fan? Yes, but frankly its not very good and Sony had to make some compromises on the quality due to a limited amount of space, this means that the factory cooling solution is not the best and it can also be very noisy.

You can increase the lifespan of your PlayStation 3 by adding a external fan or by replacing the original internal fan with a upgraded version.

Below are some of the most popular ps3 cooling fan solutions.

PS3 External USB Cooling Fan

ps3 usb cooling fan

This fan is a very simple design and plugs into the usb port on the front of your console, it provides additional cooling by pushing air through the vent on the front of the console. It’s four independent fan design is compact and very easy to use, and includes a power switch on the fan itself so can be turned on /off independently of the console.
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PS3 Evercool Defender Turbo Cooling Fan

Evercool turbo ps3 fan

Another simple fan design, this one is widely used by many PS3 owners and they’re reporting excellent results with it and some are even claiming 3-4 years of operation. Clearly this is a high quality product, the fan mounts onto the back on the console and is powered via a usb connection.

The Defender TG-P1 PS3 Cooling Fan is a easy to install solution for great Playstation 3 cooling. The Playstation 3 may overheat and shut down. To solve this problem Evercool has designed the Defender TG-P1 Cooling Fan. Simply install the unit on the back of your Playstation 3 and plug it into an available USB port for power. Features Huge air volume blower and air extracting design. Fits on the air exhaust of PS3 and extracts the hot air from the PS3 to increase cooling performance USB Power interface Easy installation Universal push pin clip to easy fastening and installation Extends the lifetime of PS3 and protects the PS3 from overheating.

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PS3 Internal 19 Blade Cooling Fan

PS3 Internal 19 Blade Cooling Fan

If you want the best cooling available but without having to add external cooling fans to your console, you’ll want to replace your current internal fan with a 19 blade fan. The 19 blade fan has two main benefits over the standard 15 blade fans

1) Increased airflow, the extra blades provide increased airflow allowing for better cooling of your console.

2) Reduced noise, the extra blades increase airflow without increasing  the noise levels of the console.

The only downside to these fans is the fact that you will need to open your console to fit it, however this is not difficult and can be completed by the novice DIYer in about 30 minutes.

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